DM John's Greyhawk Campaign

Welcome to Greyhawk!

1 Planting 576 CY

An adventuring party has formed! The PCs are Enna Amastacia, a native elf of the Celadon Forest and a recent graduate of Stalwart Pines, Sha’an, an elf of Celene who was recently released from a squireship and has just completed a pilgrimage to nearby Star Haunt, and Miz’saaria, a dark elf of unknown origins who has quietly joined the group. Meeting in the tavern room of the Wearied Wagon Inn, in the sleepy hamlet of Cartrest, deep in the Celadon Forest, our adventurers have heard rumors of strange lights and other goings on at ancient ruins outside of town.

  • The ruins are an ancient burial ground
  • There is a giant snake which hunts alongside the river
  • One of the charcoal burners saw a bear in the woods
  • You can cross the toll bridge for free if you don’t wear any shoes

The group quickly decides to investigate and heads out of town. They are met enroute to the toll bridge by a browsing goat which Miz befriends and it follows her across the bridge. Discovering that shoed or shoeless rates the same toll — 2 cp per foot — the party pays for themselves…and not so happily coughs up 8 more copper pieces for the goat! Proceeding up the road for a mile or so, a small concrete obelisk is spotted buried in the brush beside the road. [[:Miz'saaria]] spends some time making rubbings of the obelisk, hoping to find some remnant of writing. Her efforts pay off when she discovers a worn rune which roughly means "Beware!"Meanwhile, Enna and Sha'an have found an old path that leads from the obelisk into the forest.


Following the path as the ground rises slowly into a more hilly area, the party eventually comes up a set of four pillars rising out of the ground. Beyond them, there is a cave opening into a hillside. Cautiously approaching the cave and waiting for their elven eyes to adjust to the change in light, they all peer inside, were they see a tunnel that forks off in the darkness. Well, near darkness, for a strange green glow permeates the corridor. The party explores a small subterranean complex and finds what appears to have once been a small library, now ull of decayed and tattered papers. Only one stack of papers appears newer and seems to be the hormone driven ranting of an unhappy teenager. Several crypt alcoves are found, free of corpses, but filled with rotted clothes laid out as if bodies were once in them. A small terra cotta urn is found in a secret room behind one of the alcoves; it contains a beautiful jeweled necklace. A set of locked double door is forced open and a thin human male is waiting inside a room filled with an altar and arcane apparatus. There are piles of bones on the floor about the room. The man, one Impey Gawkins, is wearing a set of black robes and holding a book and a scroll in his hands. He shouts, in a high pitched and whiny voice, "Get out of my room!" He begins reading arcane words from the scroll the party charges him. A bolt from Miz'saaria's crossbow pierces Impey's throat as the piles of bones rise up and become three animated skeletons. In battling the undead creations, Miz'saaria and Enna are rendered unconscious but Sha'an manages to finish them off. Deciding it was foul and evil, Sha'an destroys Impey's book and then drags his unconscious companions out of the cave and into the forest. He sets up camp and waits for them to recover their senses.




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