DM John's Greyhawk Campaign

Leukish and Beyond

13-16 Planting 576 CY

  1. Arrive Leukish
  2. Drink some ale at the Sailors Guild
  3. Meet the Guildmaster
  4. Drink some more ale at the Grey Ghost
  5. Skirmish with gate guards
  6. Buy a hat
  7. Meet Vantan and his many lovely companions
  8. See a cat
  9. Meet the crew of the Dew
  10. Meet Thorbjorn
  11. Drink more ale at the Dirty Pirate
  12. Agree to guard the Dew in exchange for passage
  13. Spend the night at the Grey Ghost or near it anyways
  14. Leave leukish and sail two days to SH

Ayabel Beedle Bill Enna Miz'saaria Sha'an Thorbjorn Waffles



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