DM John's Greyhawk Campaign

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

2 - 5 Planting 576 CY

Sha'an watches over the unconscious bodies of his companions until they wake up. The following morning, the party is having breakfast around the campfire when they hear a rustling in the bushes. A creature emerges, half human and half dragon, and introduces herself as Ayabel. She is apparently from a far off land and seeking her two brothers last seen in service to a man named Robilar. The party welcomes her and she agrees to travel with them while searching for her brothers. The party returns to Cartrest where they are greeted by a confused and frighten citizenry, one of whom screams "Monster!" and points at Ayabel. The citizens all run away. The party attempts to ignore the fearful folk and continues to the Inn of the Wearied Wagon, where they hope to exchange Impey Gawkins' head for a reward. Here they discover that Gudar, the hook handed dwarven innkeep, is also the hamlet's constable, as he is dispatched to deal with the monster in town. Meeting Ayabel, he is unfrightened and admonishes her that previously he had had to kill another of her kind. After a few drinks and collecting a reward from the thankful townsfolk, the party decides to head to Copperstead, the nearest town of note, in order to procure the services of a wizard. They make it a few miles out of town before an odd light and noise beckons them to a clearing in the forest. Here they find the forest vaporized in a twenty foot spherical area, and a colourfully dressed human teenager lying unconscious in the center of the sphere. Sha'an lays his hands upon the boy and resuscitates him. He turns out to be and odd fellow with strange speech, from a far off land. His name is Bill and apparently he and his brother, Ted, were using pilfered magic to teleport away from danger when the spell must have gone awry, for Bill ended up here with Ted no where in sight. He says they where going to "Hamlet".  A large treant approaches the party and wants to know what happened to his forest. After peaceful conversation, the treant admonishes them he is watching what they do and leaves. The party continues on. After leaving the forest, the party begins following a road to Copperstead. A day out, they are attacked by three brigands, Mimay, Khari, and Khari. Khari and Rada are killed and Mimay is captured and interrogated. The party learns Mimay and Rada were hired by a strange man to protect Khari as he traveled. Inside the hollowed handle of Khari's great axe, Bill finds a key and map labeled "The Village of Hommlet", with an X marking a spot. Bill realises Ted may have meant "Hommlet" and Ayabel has heard that Robilar may be in this same place. Sha'an states that he has some knowledge of the area but has never been there. The party decides to go to Hommlet. Sha'an recommends that the trip would be easier and faster by boat, but expensive. They continue on to Copperstead and arrive at at the Sleeping Giant inn, where they meet a man named Waffles who seems to have some knowledge of the sea and decides to help the party with his knowledge. They all agree to go to the nearest seaport, Hammensend in the morning and retire for the night.

Ayabel Enna Amastacia Miz'saaria Sha'an Bill Waffles



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