DM John's Greyhawk Campaign

The Red Cave
18 Planting 576 CY

After crossing the river and leaving behind the land of dead, twisted, and burnt trees, our intrepid band of adventurers followed a winding path as it passed through some dense forest, sloping slightly uphill. Continuing on, they found themselves in some low hills where the flora thinned into low scrub and brush, with only a smattering of trees here and there. In the distance, they could see the lake on the map and a large white object, as "big as a house", reflecting the morning sunlight. Surmising it to be the Skull of Evernost, they gave it a wide berth, as indicated on the map they purchased from Rindo. A bit further along, the terrain became more and more barren, until it appeared drought-stricken and parched. Ahead, they could see a large red sloping obelisk coming into view. Cautiously they approached what they guessed to be the Obelisk of Hate, and discovered it is covered in black runes. The runes seemed arcane and were unfamiliar, but amongst the thousands of runes carved into to 40-foot tall obelisk, it did seems as if patters of language were hidden, perhaps telling a story, or allowing the casting of a spell?

The party decided to leave the obelisk alone until such time as they had arcane experts with them and continue on, looking for the red cave. A large grey hill was visible, set against the more brown and dead range of hills, and as the party approached, they observed there was a small cave at the base of this hill, with a dry stream bed flowing out from it. Sha'an dipped his finger in the reddish-orange silt of this stream bed, and observed it tasted like his blood. Bill peered into the cave and observed it only seemed to go in a short ways before becoming too small to pass through. The rest of the party suddenly observed that Waffles was shrinking, his head and hands disappearing into the folds of his cloak.

As Waffles cloak settled onto the ground, a small figure emerged from it and said "Meow!" It was the same grey and white housecat that the party had seen in Leukish! Ayabel used her ability to speak with animals and discovered that it was indeed Waffles, who had been hiding an ability to transform himself into a cat. Waffles (the cat?) walked into the cave and slinked up a narrow winding passage. Coming back after a bit, he reported to Ayabel that it merely seemed to continue a long distance and there was nothing of interest to be found.

The party then decided to investigate the rest of the hill. Coming about the opposite side, the discovered a set of worn stairs carved into the grey stone of the hill. These stairs wound upwards to a flat spot, some thirty feet up, where there was a wide ledge and a larger cave entrance. Beside this entrance there was a small demonic looking statue squatting in niche in the rock. Bill tossed a stone at it and was surprised when it merely skittered off the stone and nothing untoward occurred. The party then climbed the worn and precarious stairs, and standing on they ledge, they peered into the cave. It seemed to go in a ways and open into a cavern, the walls of which looked red. "I think we found the Red Cave" said someone, and they entered cautiously.

Inside, they discovered a cavern, perhaps 30 feet by 50 foot in size, with a single shaft of sunlight shining down from a ceiling some 20 feet above them. In the middle of the cavern, there was a small dry stream and pond, the bottom and sides of both colored red-orange like the stream outside. Sha'an cautiously placed hi hand into the light and nothing happened. At the far end of this cavern there sat a large stone statue, a hulking twin the one besides the entrance. The party approached cautiously and nothing happened. A small hole was spotted in the ground beside the statue and it was surmised that it was sitting atop an empty space. Ayabel and Bill begun pushing on the statue, trying to push it over, when suddenly a screech — like nails on a chalkboard — echoed through the cavern. The wings on the statue unfurled and it came to life!

After a pitched battle, where the party discovered their weapons were somewhat ineffective against the creature, it was dispatched. Wounded from this fray, Ayabel decided to imbibe a healing potion that had been found on the rat-men at the river. Too late, she realised it was not as she thought, as her throat filled with a burning sensation that threatened her life – had Sha'an not quickly laid on his hands and infused her with the power of Corellon Larethian. Moments later, another creature, smaller in size and obviously the former statue outside, appeared, diving down through the shaft of light. It immediately attacked the party, but was eventually defeated. In a hole beneath where the first creature sat, the party found a small wooden coffered, twisted and burnt from where Ayabel had breath her acid breath earlier. It came apart as it was lifted out and a stash of gold coins cascaded to the ground.

Realizing that the Dew Drop was going to depart Salt Harbour in the morning, the party decided to hightail it back. They took off at a dash, heading back the way that they had come. As they passed the smoldering remains of the Ranger's hut, they were greeted by several arrows flying out of the darkness. Spotting the three rat-men hiding in the darkness, they decided to ignore the attack and dashed away, as more arrows flew their way, some finding flesh.  Force marching themselves to the point of exhaustion, the party continued, and found themselves at the little fishing village just before dark. They decided to rest there until morning.


  1. Enna
  2. Bill
  3. Sha'an
  4. Ayabel
  5. Waffles
Salt Harbour
16 - 17 Planting 576 CY

'twas the morning of 16 Planting in the year 576 common, and a light rain fell as the Crystal Dewdrop pulled into port at Salt Harbour. After being told that the next two days would be spent loading the cargo of salt, the party decided not to assist in the manual labour and instead headed into town to check out the local tavern. After a boring day of watching townsfolk eat lunch, Waffles was approached at the bar by a man attempting to strike up conversation. Ignoring his advances, Waffles deflected to Miz'saaria, who, classically in her socially impatient manner, rebuffed the man. The man had attempted to sell her a map for 80 gp but she wasn't very interested and referred the man to Bill. After a lot of hemming and hawing, the party as a whole agreed to purchase a map to "great treasure' for 50 gp. The man, one Rindo, said he had purchased the map from a sailor in Nystran for 100 gp but was afraid to follow it and needed to get home to his seven children.

After a short boat ride to a fishing village across the harbor, our intrepid adventurers gleaned some information from the locals and determined the map spoke of the Fetid Swamp, some ten miles distant. Thorbjorn said "It's only ten miles." and the party decided to seek the treasure of the Red Cave. With a couple hours of waning light remaining, they set out.

Traveling up river for two hours, they came to a large stream emptying into the river, a spot where the map indicated their journey needed to begin. Here they set camp and enjoyed a peaceful evening and night, awaking in the morning to a clear day and birds chirping. The party began traveling into the hills, following the stream and traces of an old path, eventually reaching a small pond, where Miz attempted to talk to a large turtle poking its head from the surface. The creature submerged and disappeared. Beyond the pond, they found an abandoned ramshackle house built upon stilts. Surmising it to be home of the Twisted Ranger mentioned on the map, they torched it immediately and resumed their travels.

A short distance later, they spotted what looked like a halfling standing on a large rock admidst some tall grasses. The halfling asked if the party had burned down his house and when the answer came in the affirmative, he shot an arrow into Miz'saaria and dove into the tall grasses. The party approached the area and began to investigate when suddenly a head popped out from the rock and attacked. It was a giant turtle! The party engaged the amphibious creature and whilst attempting to dispatch it, the halfling reappeared some distance away and began shooting arrows. The turtle, the halfling, and a second turtle, the one from the pond which charged into the fray, were dispatched. The halfling's sword and bow were determined to be magical and divvied up.

A bit further and the party enters an area where the trees and undergrowth is all twisted and burnt. Still following the remnants of a path, suddenly a tree moves. The tree splits its trunk into two legs and and lurches towards the party, a twenty foot tall mass of angry burnt and twisted vegetation. After a battle involving grease, fire, and flung tree parts, the creature is dispatched and the party continues on. They come to her water rushing ahead of them and spot a man standing along the bank of the stream, offering to let them use his boat for a fee. After unsuccessful negotiations, the man threatens to kill them all as two other men are spotted, hiding in the grass along the stream bank. The three men transform into some form of half man / half rat creatures and a battle ensues. Bill and Ayabel are bitten by the creatures. Two of the creatures are pushed into the river, where they are washed downstream as they transform again, this time into rats! The third has his right eye pierced with a crossbow bolt and retreats into the wilds. The party then finds a row boat hidden in the tall grasses, sans oars, and using some hemp rope as a pull, ferried themselves across the stream.

Ayabel Beedle Bill Enna Miz'saaria Sha'an Thorbjorn Waffles



Leukish and Beyond
13-16 Planting 576 CY
  1. Arrive Leukish
  2. Drink some ale at the Sailors Guild
  3. Meet the Guildmaster
  4. Drink some more ale at the Grey Ghost
  5. Skirmish with gate guards
  6. Buy a hat
  7. Meet Vantan and his many lovely companions
  8. See a cat
  9. Meet the crew of the Dew
  10. Meet Thorbjorn
  11. Drink more ale at the Dirty Pirate
  12. Agree to guard the Dew in exchange for passage
  13. Spend the night at the Grey Ghost or near it anyways
  14. Leave leukish and sail two days to SH

Ayabel Beedle Bill Enna Miz'saaria Sha'an Thorbjorn Waffles

Copperstead & Goblin Gully
3 - 12 Planting 576 CY
  1. Arrive Copperstead
  2. Find out about a farm family disappearing
  3. Find out where teens fornicate
  4. Investigate farm and find pool of blood in bedroom, pearls in fireplace, and tracks near barn
  5. Explore Goblin Gully
  6. Kill goblins
  7. Head out to Hammensend
  8. Arrive in Hammensend, discover no ships from here travel that far
  9. Take a barge to Leukish to find a ride

Ayabel Beedle Bill Enna Miz'saaria Waffles Sha'an

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
2 - 5 Planting 576 CY

Sha'an watches over the unconscious bodies of his companions until they wake up. The following morning, the party is having breakfast around the campfire when they hear a rustling in the bushes. A creature emerges, half human and half dragon, and introduces herself as Ayabel. She is apparently from a far off land and seeking her two brothers last seen in service to a man named Robilar. The party welcomes her and she agrees to travel with them while searching for her brothers. The party returns to Cartrest where they are greeted by a confused and frighten citizenry, one of whom screams "Monster!" and points at Ayabel. The citizens all run away. The party attempts to ignore the fearful folk and continues to the Inn of the Wearied Wagon, where they hope to exchange Impey Gawkins' head for a reward. Here they discover that Gudar, the hook handed dwarven innkeep, is also the hamlet's constable, as he is dispatched to deal with the monster in town. Meeting Ayabel, he is unfrightened and admonishes her that previously he had had to kill another of her kind. After a few drinks and collecting a reward from the thankful townsfolk, the party decides to head to Copperstead, the nearest town of note, in order to procure the services of a wizard. They make it a few miles out of town before an odd light and noise beckons them to a clearing in the forest. Here they find the forest vaporized in a twenty foot spherical area, and a colourfully dressed human teenager lying unconscious in the center of the sphere. Sha'an lays his hands upon the boy and resuscitates him. He turns out to be and odd fellow with strange speech, from a far off land. His name is Bill and apparently he and his brother, Ted, were using pilfered magic to teleport away from danger when the spell must have gone awry, for Bill ended up here with Ted no where in sight. He says they where going to "Hamlet".  A large treant approaches the party and wants to know what happened to his forest. After peaceful conversation, the treant admonishes them he is watching what they do and leaves. The party continues on. After leaving the forest, the party begins following a road to Copperstead. A day out, they are attacked by three brigands, Mimay, Khari, and Khari. Khari and Rada are killed and Mimay is captured and interrogated. The party learns Mimay and Rada were hired by a strange man to protect Khari as he traveled. Inside the hollowed handle of Khari's great axe, Bill finds a key and map labeled "The Village of Hommlet", with an X marking a spot. Bill realises Ted may have meant "Hommlet" and Ayabel has heard that Robilar may be in this same place. Sha'an states that he has some knowledge of the area but has never been there. The party decides to go to Hommlet. Sha'an recommends that the trip would be easier and faster by boat, but expensive. They continue on to Copperstead and arrive at at the Sleeping Giant inn, where they meet a man named Waffles who seems to have some knowledge of the sea and decides to help the party with his knowledge. They all agree to go to the nearest seaport, Hammensend in the morning and retire for the night.

Ayabel Enna Amastacia Miz'saaria Sha'an Bill Waffles

Welcome to Greyhawk!
1 Planting 576 CY

An adventuring party has formed! The PCs are Enna Amastacia, a native elf of the Celadon Forest and a recent graduate of Stalwart Pines, Sha’an, an elf of Celene who was recently released from a squireship and has just completed a pilgrimage to nearby Star Haunt, and Miz’saaria, a dark elf of unknown origins who has quietly joined the group. Meeting in the tavern room of the Wearied Wagon Inn, in the sleepy hamlet of Cartrest, deep in the Celadon Forest, our adventurers have heard rumors of strange lights and other goings on at ancient ruins outside of town.

  • The ruins are an ancient burial ground
  • There is a giant snake which hunts alongside the river
  • One of the charcoal burners saw a bear in the woods
  • You can cross the toll bridge for free if you don’t wear any shoes

The group quickly decides to investigate and heads out of town. They are met enroute to the toll bridge by a browsing goat which Miz befriends and it follows her across the bridge. Discovering that shoed or shoeless rates the same toll — 2 cp per foot — the party pays for themselves…and not so happily coughs up 8 more copper pieces for the goat! Proceeding up the road for a mile or so, a small concrete obelisk is spotted buried in the brush beside the road. [[:Miz'saaria]] spends some time making rubbings of the obelisk, hoping to find some remnant of writing. Her efforts pay off when she discovers a worn rune which roughly means "Beware!"Meanwhile, Enna and Sha'an have found an old path that leads from the obelisk into the forest.


Following the path as the ground rises slowly into a more hilly area, the party eventually comes up a set of four pillars rising out of the ground. Beyond them, there is a cave opening into a hillside. Cautiously approaching the cave and waiting for their elven eyes to adjust to the change in light, they all peer inside, were they see a tunnel that forks off in the darkness. Well, near darkness, for a strange green glow permeates the corridor. The party explores a small subterranean complex and finds what appears to have once been a small library, now ull of decayed and tattered papers. Only one stack of papers appears newer and seems to be the hormone driven ranting of an unhappy teenager. Several crypt alcoves are found, free of corpses, but filled with rotted clothes laid out as if bodies were once in them. A small terra cotta urn is found in a secret room behind one of the alcoves; it contains a beautiful jeweled necklace. A set of locked double door is forced open and a thin human male is waiting inside a room filled with an altar and arcane apparatus. There are piles of bones on the floor about the room. The man, one Impey Gawkins, is wearing a set of black robes and holding a book and a scroll in his hands. He shouts, in a high pitched and whiny voice, "Get out of my room!" He begins reading arcane words from the scroll the party charges him. A bolt from Miz'saaria's crossbow pierces Impey's throat as the piles of bones rise up and become three animated skeletons. In battling the undead creations, Miz'saaria and Enna are rendered unconscious but Sha'an manages to finish them off. Deciding it was foul and evil, Sha'an destroys Impey's book and then drags his unconscious companions out of the cave and into the forest. He sets up camp and waits for them to recover their senses.



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